These are the points from the video above - Rami Ismail's Gamelab 2015 lecture "17 lessons I learned while running a chaotic game studio".

Lesson 1: "Why" is the biggest question.

Lesson 2: Design is communication.

Lesson 3: Be a little less normal.

Lesson 4: Give more than you take.

Lesson 5: Honesty helps make better games.

Be prepared for surprise game pitching.

Take business seriously.

Lesson 6: Don't take business seriously.

Lesson 7

Lesson 8: I'm a fraud & so are you.

Lesson 9: Motivation is the most important thing we have.

Lesson 10: Ideas are cheap.

Lesson 11: Failure is good.

Lesson 12: An industry is people.

Lesson 13: Everything is a remix.

Lesson 14: Your game can talk to you, too.

Lesson 15: Don't rely on patterns.

Lesson 16: The world is out there.

Lesson 17: You can't make the game in your head.

Lesson 18: Don't define things for others.

Lesson 19: Decide, don't accept.

Lesson 20: Go on already.