Between 2018-07-12 and 2018-12-31 I logged 937 hours, tracked over 181 days, meaning 5.2 hours of output per day on average, or 36.4 hours per week averaged out.

76% of days were vegetarian.

7% of days were in nature.

28% of days we social.

15% of days included exercise.

Sector split: code (244h), visual (242h), carpentry (179h), physical (133h), electronics (80h), research (53h) and misc (6h).

The majority of work was dedicated to Van (32%), Contract (26%) and Web (23%) categories.

The biggest projects were sylo (248h), memex (154h), bench (105h), solar (85h), log (51h), garage (46h), insulation (45h), core (34h), crucifix (28h), fan (25h) and megamex (21h).

Logging Benefits

The gamified mental nagging to keep or improve desired statistics over time helped me to keep work hours higher and meat consumption lower.

A benefit of entering logs regularly is the recognition of passing time. As opposed to the feeling of blurred days, weeks, months.

Viewing the dashboard statistics is satisfying. Like quantification, acknowledgment of long-term desirable time use.



Too many statistics tracked means adding logs takes more effort than needed, and thus is more likely to procrastinate and skip. The 'Flow' field ("Did I enter a flow state?") is not all that useful and will be removed. More stats should be removed...

Vege gaming

I am finding that binary vegetarian/omnivore logging encourages increased meat consumption during a non-vegetarian-day since there is no log difference between a single portion vs gluttony. I will change the binary switch to a meat-portion-count per entry.


I have a nagging feeling that percentage values for 'mood', 'health' and 'energy' do not feel they adequately represent 'feeling', but I am not sure how useful that is to track long term. I could add a word each day for feeling but not sure that the added effort it would add for logs match the benefit. Even a word obviously won't be adequate for representing contradictory or multiplistic feelings.

Better vis and insights

Need visualization for social, exercise days and better visualization for sectors, difficulty, efficiency, interest, learned, mood, health, energy. Probably an averaged line graph with scatter points. Adding combined stats (like Neauoire) as comparisons between sectors, categories and or projects could lead to insights.

Phone log access

Since I have been working in Auckland and living in van I have not been using my laptop everyday, which is currently the sole logging station. I've ended up not logging for several days, then having to catch up - the longest stretch being 11 days. I did not miss any important data but this is not a good habit. Would be nice to have a simple way to append to log from my phone.

Date system change

I much prefer Neauoire's Desamber date system but it makes things take a step extra for working things out. In an effort to reduce complexity I will change to a more standard date format. Eg: "2019-01-01". I still intend to use Desamber display on the front end.

Image tags

Change image inclusion to format like Megamex with separate file for images with tags. Add names of people in photo etc.


It could make sense for this logging system to be split into two systems for example 'output' (concrete work) and 'input' (social activities, intake and self improvement).


Track takeout meals

Track alcohol

Track fruit/vege portions

Track gym visits

Track meditation