Dmitry Selitskiy from Thought Wired showed us some sweet Neurotech.

See Alexey in the GIF moving the cube on the screen with his thoughts.

The experience is clumsy but it does work! Awesome to see.

Currently training the user is an issue. Its a perfect UX design opportunity and a lot of game potential for a seamless training experience that adapts to the user. Ideally the user would learn through doing, while at the same time the system would be looking for thought pattern in the background.

Psychonauts training school VR!?

Dmitry said the main applications currently are about control, monitoring and determining mental state.

He said that there are two real user groups of neurotech – complete beginners and experts. First time users would really need complete training from the basics ideally from within the app if you’re building one.

Neurotech seems to be in a similar boat to VR in terms of mass adoption and development. However it has a bit of a more difficult a task with its slower time before the user can do what they intend. The user needs to learn how to use the hardware while at the same time the hardware needs to learn the user’s brainwave patterns.

There isn’t really any formalized good practice around developing for it, and no real platform to abstract away dealing with the different hardware – which is exactly what Thought-Wired are working on.

Definitely check it out if you get a chance!

I don’t think its a question of “if” this technology will be widely used, its a question of “when” and what it will look like then.

Looking forward to seeing this technology, and Thought-Wired’s platform develop.