To call it "awesome" is the wrong word. Its relaxing, weightless, nothingness, surreal.

It was funny going in, at the counter were two mid 20s Russian dudes and a trainee lady. Seemed like the whole time there was an unspoken joke in the room. "How did you hear about isolation tanks?", "The internet..." "Joe Rogan?" "Probably".

They said they owe of lot of business to him.

The explanation of instructions was also funny as I had already watched quite a few isolation tank guides / do / don'ts. He covered every remaining question I had left, so didn't ask anything.

He explained three floats are better as most people spend the first one just getting used to it. Beyond just up-selling he was probably correct. I'd recommend any "introduction package" of three or so too.

Everything was spa / new age / massage parlor relaxation center-eske in the room. "You don't need to bring anything. Everything you need is here." Completely private room with the giant alien space pod tank, a shower, toilet, basin, cleaning products, towel. Needed to shower, wash hair, cover cuts, and wear ear plugs.

Getting in was uncomfortable. Voluntary naked bathing in claustrophobic alien womb.

The water was salty. Very salty.

I turned off the light.

It took a while to find a comfortable position. It took a while for the air to heat up and disappear between the surface and salt.

It was a good place to think. I know the intention, or at least mine was to "be here now", to be silent but the nothingness was peaceful. I reflected, meditated as such. Thought about about life, about the last weeks, months years. How things are going with me, and the others around me.

It was easy to imagine and visualize.

There were visuals if you wanted them, the waves of closed eyes. Inner and intentional it felt like, but perhaps not.

I counted breaths and played in this space of waves and silence for what felt like not enough time.

I'd love to have a tank at home to meditate and relax in for longer periods of time.

Too soon the bird-song-wave-breeze-music vibrated through the water to signal the time is up.

The experience was slightly disappointing but amazing, uncomfortable but incredibly relaxing.

I want to do it again soon.