Sailing myself was not really even a consideration until I started watching the Hundred Rabbits studio on a sailboat vlogs where they seemed to go quickly from zero sailing experience to international travel.

I met Devine and Rekka and their boat Pino in Whangarei after they sailed to New Zealand from California.

Pino is a 10 meter Yamaha33 1982 masthead sloop fiberglass sailboat.

Devine introduced me to a shared workshop and tool library called "Hackland" in Auckland and thus to it's expanding Ephemeral Yacht Club including Joran Kikke, Helena, Dominic Tarr, Courtney and Lu.

Around this time the same Aunt Karen asked me if I plan to sail, I said "no, the ocean is scary" or something similarly dismissive in response but her question stayed with me.

My vanlife experiences let me see that tiny homes are perfectly acceptable. A sense of adventure and becoming a "sum of those closest to you" nudged me toward actually deciding to "learn how to sail in the future"... "I'll buy a boat in five years".

While working on sylo I became good friends with Sasha who was very keen to learn sailing. I introduced him to Joran and Dominic.