Since I was young I have chipped away at an unfinishable amorphous website that has reborn every few years.

"...our small digital fires we keep alight at night." Phil James


The 2019 version was inspired by Neauoire with a focus on simplicity and minimalism in structure it is hopefully some form of foundational base to build upon into time.

At the very least with it's use of a human-readable data database; it's content should be portable between future website versions and long term. Simple to archive.

An attempt at simplicity to help survive as technology degrades.

I found this quote and term Long Site on Gwern an inspiration in this regard:

"The Internet is self destructing paper. A place where anything written is soon destroyed by rapacious competition and the only preservation is to forever copy writing from sheet to sheet faster than they can burn..." Julian Assange (Self destructing paper, 5 December 2006)

In reference to above - the way the site is built is to allow the actual content to be easy to move around (text database), copy (human readable) and store (easily accessed standard files), while the visual display of it may change.


Visualising my experiements with time tracking for self productivity gamification.

It had two pages, one an overview of all data with a graph and statistics, the other being a day by day journal of tasks.


Basically a placeholder business card as a website while I worked on other things.

I added written articles, thoughts and notes for a while, then removed them.


Portfolio site for university work. I still really like this version.

This site was built with Adobe Flash - a long dead interaction and animation software for web that people like to complain about (performance and security). I found Flash really quite nice to build things with.

The top section is a mystery-meat-menu in Japanese (for some reason?) with subtitles in English on hover. The Mort TV header background was of a class 'art worm' project for fun, where each person paints the next square after only seeing the directly previous square.

The first image below displays Fontana Dam a Half Life 2 map built for University.

2nd displays a cliche M.C. Escher optical illusion inspired Counter-Strike map for University Game Design class.

3rd is a Counter-Strike multiplayer map for University Game Design class.

4th is a simple university interactive project of a flying airship inside a birdcage built in Unity3D.


Portfolio site for university work.


Basically just playing around with goth aesthetic design and learning php, html, css, javascript in the background.


This was a massively overscopped portfolio, blog, article website with a chat box, featured art and an interactive flash based interior exploration mini-game barely started (just below the header), it was going to show a character for each user currently viewing the website at the same time as you or something.

I created everything in the screenshot except the heart with the grey shell, the fonts and the banner adverts at the bottom of the page.