I created Mort for a character design asignment for university.

I referenced and borrowed from the styles of 'Johnny the Homicidal Maniac', 'Invader Zim', 'Lazy Muffin (Yotam Perel)' and 'Domo-Kun'.

There was also a 3D model component of this assignment but that turned out terribly. See below for Eleanor Ngai's amazing 3D Mort fan art.

Above: The class voluntarily started an 'art worm' project where each person would draw the next sequence square in a horizontal painting after only seeing the previous square. This was my contribution.

Above: Mortzilla sketch for fun

Left: Mortcat pixel art sketch for fun

Below: Mort Halloween jack-o-lantern

Below: Eleanor Ngai's amazing 3D Mort fan art.

At some point I made a t-shirt Mort version, but surprisingly not many sold :D