Warp is a VR experiment built by Alexey Botkov (artist, animator) and I for the Oculus VR jam 2013.

We mostly focused on trying to make a VR experience that anyone could play (just headset and standard controller) and not feel sick.

We played it quite safe (read: boring) in terms of gameplay but spent a lot of time focusing on the feel, the experience, visual aesthetic and usability in this early time for VR.

The concept would have worked if expanded upon for sure.

While a bad game, I feel like the experiment was a success in that (from what I have seen) nobody has been given motion sickness by it, at least not to the degree of some first person controlled experiences. Its sort of a perfect "seated experience". We managed this by keeping the overall movement in the world always going forward, in a single direction, no weird movement, no unintended jumps, no scene changes and ALWAYS allowing for player head movement to be one-to-one.

While cliche, we loved the idea of a spaceship cockpit simulator. With limited time, resources and the acceptance that there are a lot of them on the way, we wondered if a third person view of a player controller ship would work at all in VR. It did.

Alexey more recently made these images with the assets from the game. I stole them from his website.